FiPar Selects TriPacta to Provide Trust Administration Outsourcing

NEWS RELEASE | San Antonio, TX | December 3, 2019 

FiPar Financial, Inc., a nationally-recognized institutional trust consulting firm, today announced that TriPacta Financial Services (Schaumburg, Illinois), a high-performance, specialist trust administration outsourcing firm serving personal and corporate trustees, family offices, banks, law firms and similar financial professionals, has been selected to provide turnkey trust administration, operations and accounting for its newly-developed Trust Representative Program — a proprietary trust business solution designed to leverage financial professionals’ expertise and contacts in cultivating and servicing wealthy families through a partnership with elite participating trust organizations.

TriPacta Financial Services combines state of the art technology with a commitment to personal service to support trustees and their beneficiaries. TriPacta’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet the quantitative needs of trust management. This enables the trustee to focus on his responsibilities for the qualitative aspects of managing the trust that are so important to grantors and beneficiaries.

Frank Franiak, President and CEO of TriPacta, said “We are pleased to enter into this collaboration with FiPar and Bob Fletcher. FiPar is blazing a new trail as the trust industry expands and evolves towards a more client focused model and we are excited to be a part of that effort. We know we will also benefit greatly from Bob Fletcher’s experience and knowledge of the trust industry.”

Bob Fletcher, FiPar’s CEO, in a prepared statement, explained, “In anticipation of expanded interest of our creative trust solution beyond independent trust professionals to include advisors, law firms, financial planners, accounting firms and, even, select banks, it is imperative that we engage automated processes and workflow procedures that ensure our Members optimal efficiency and convenience. Frank’s demonstrated commitment to operational excellence and client responsiveness coupled with his staff’s in-depth training and exceptional qualifications represent the critical components for a rewarding partnership and we are excited to have TriPacta on our team.”

FiPar’s Trust Representative Program enables participants–individuals and business entities–to manage and control trust relationships, earn generous, pre-negotiated, recurring revenue stream while developing and servicing trust relationships commensurate with a commitment that aligns with their interest.

The program enables its Members to leverage their expertise in an arrangement of providing personal client servicing (i.e. providing information; answering questions; and, relaying requests) on behalf of enrolled corporate fiduciaries that serve as trustee and that are selected by Members and their clients. The model’s design embraces a simple, risk-adverse, non-regulatory, no-hassle and no-heavy-lifting format combined with a flexible pricing structure that makes the program economically available to all.

For additional information about FiPar’s Trust Representative Program, please contact Bob Fletcher at 210-860-8055 /

For additional information about TriPacta’s outsourcing services, please contact Frank Franiak at 224-212-9183 /


About: FiPar Financial, Inc.

FiPar Financial, Inc., a San Antonio-based business with a national service scope, serves as an institutional trust consulting firm specializing in helping banks, trust companies and other financial services organizations optimize trust capabilities by integrating visionary ideas, strategic initiatives and specialized skills. In other words, we put ’em together, take ’em apart, turn ’em around and shut ’em down.

About: TriPacta Financial Services

TriPacta Financial Services LLC is a Schaumburg, IL based firm that provides outsourced accounting and administration services to personal and corporate trustees, family offices, banks, law firms and similar financial professionals. As an outsourced partner, we expertly handle the accounting and administrative duties to allow the trustee to focus on their qualitative responsibilities. Our highly personalized services, together with our commitment to quality and integrity, allows trustees to be the best possible partners for grantors and beneficiaries.